Friday, February 1, 2008

Blog with Possibilities

Here is a place to test features of blogspot for use as a communication tool. Text can be added along with pictures, links and even video.

The features of a "blog" are easy to learn and accessible for use as a communication platform without many of the challenges often associated with a "traditional" web site.

Postings are listed in chronological order; displaying the most recent material at the top of the page. A simple table of contents is visible on the page outlining a history of the titles listed within the blog.

One useful feature is the ability to place links to other internet material. Such material could be pages from the parish web site, simple event specific pages (easily created with Google Office), outside web sites or even other blogs. Click the link below to visit the blog of St Stephen's recent mission to Honduras.

"St Stephens News" would be an initial foray into the use of this medium. Applications will certainly evolve over time, but some immediate possibilities seem to include:
* Expanded space for articles, lesson notes, letters etc.
* Emergency posting of snow or power cancellations
* Reports of special events
* Links to parish web site features
* Expanded Promotion for upcoming events
* Display pictures and video of parish life
* Post surveys, evaluations and forums for feedback

It seems likely that hosting a number of blogs would become a useful method of presenting a variety of parish programs or groups. Both the parish web site and perhaps a blog serving as an electronic kiosk could serve to send people in the right direction.

This project will certainly be a learning experience for both ministers and parishioners. Please consider how your ministry might benefit from its use and what applications would offer the most value.



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